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As a Residency Member, you’ll benefit from a range of legal services designed specifically for you, provided by Lifetime Legal. Our expert solicitors power the legal advice line, offering guidance on various issues without fear of cost. Whether you need advice on landlord and tenant matters, consumer issues, or even parking and clamping, we are here to help. Feel free to call us whenever you need assistance—knowing your rights can help resolve problems quickly.

Moving Home

Property disputes, Contract issues, Mortgage complications, Leasehold concerns and more


Discrimination, Harassment, Employment contracts, Redundancy and more


Property recovery, Legal proceedings, Negotiations, Rights protection and more

Consumer disputes

Contract disputes, Debt collection, Fraud prevention, Product liability and more

Family matters

Divorce, Child custody, Estate planning, Spousal support and more

Inheritance, Wills & Trusts

Estate planning, Asset distribution, Probate, Tax implications and more

Probate and Estate Administration

Wills, Trusts, Asset distribution, Estate tax and more

Landlord & Tenant

Lease agreements, Rent disputes, Property maintenance, Eviction processes and more

Motoring offences

Traffic violations, Accidents, Insurance claims, Licence suspension and more

Residential conveyancing

Property transactions, Contracts, Title searches, Land registry issues and more

Criminal offences

Arrest, Defence, Court proceedings, Sentencing and more

Power of Attorney

Document creation, Appointment of agents, Decision-making authority, Legally binding wishes and more

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Cohabitation Agreement

When you’re renting a new home you sign a contract with the landlord designed to set out some rules, when you’re renting with someone else it makes sense to agree some rules with each other. Our simple cohabitation agreement will help you agree what happens in the future if plans change. You can agree in advance whos contributing what reducing the chance of disagreements later.

Creating an agreement is easy, so why not start now!


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