Ensure a secure investment

Order Your Essential Search Pack

When purchasing a property, legal searches are essential for safeguarding your investment. Our search pack includes a Local Authority Search, a Drainage and Water Search, and an Environmental Search. These searches reveal any potential issues that could impact the property’s value or your rights as an owner and are not only vital for making an informed purchase decision but are also often required by mortgage lenders to ensure the property is a secure investment.


Local authority searches typically take 6 to 40 working days, though this can vary based on the local authority. An estimated return date will be provided once the search has been placed.

Next steps

You'll receive progress notifications for the searches. Once received, they'll be with your solicitor within 12 hours for review and they will brief you directly.

*We commence work immediately on your searches via a third party. Your usual 14-day cancellation rights do not apply to the searches fee.