Our Unique Prepaid Probate Plan

Few realise that banks and many solicitors charge a percentage of the total value of your assets as their Probate fee, no matter how much (or little) work they have to do. This can reduce the value left for your loved ones by thousands.

Lifetime Legal’s Prepaid Probate plan is a simple, fairer solution that guarantees to cover the cost of all the normal Probate duties when the time comes. Fees are instead based on how much work is required, which can leave much more to distribute to the beneficiaries of your Will.

As well as the Probate duties you would expect, our plan also includes a number of other useful benefits that could save your loved ones a great deal of time and expense.
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Take control and enjoy peace of mind

The Lifetime Legal Prepaid Probate plan is a sensible and prudent way for you to take control of your financial affairs and help your family at a difficult time.

Quick and easy to arrange

Our information pack is informative and clearly written and it is easy to apply,
so you could be enjoying peace of mind within days.

A lower cost fee, fixed at today’s prices

Our fixed fees are fairly set, based on assumptions about the complexity of your Estate and guaranteed to cover the Probate costs, no matter how much fees rise in the future.

Your money held securely in Trust

The fee for your plan is invested in an independent Trust fund and will only be used to pay the Probate solicitor on completion of the legal work.

Your Probate work will be carried out by expert solicitors

While many Probate companies use unqualified staff, your Probate work will be carried out efficiently and accurately by experienced Probate solicitors.

Prepay and Save

Call 0333 240 6063 (local rate) for details or an information pack today.